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For Sukiyaki, grilled shabu shabu, shabu shabu salad, fried dishes, beef bowl, and more.


Sukiyaki is a traditional Japanese dish, which is usually served in a Japanese pot. Unlike from Shabu-Shabu, its sauce consists of soy sauce, sugar, and mirin (Japanese rice sake with less alcohol)., which gives it a sweeter taste. And it gets even better with our highest grade wagyu beef.

The recipe can differ from different Japanese area, where they have one characteristic in common: It tastes delicious! Even it is called hot-pot outside japan; it feels delicious any season,

Sukiyaki differs a lot according to the chosen meat. Get the best meat and you can, it can be pricy. However, you will not regret one cent you invested in it.

Why is sukiyaki and wagyu combination so important?

The secret is:

  • Scent – Sweet and elegant scent (Japanese beef aroma)
  • Fat – Healthy and high-quality fat (unsaturated fatty acid)
  • Texture – Melting and melting immediately (fat melting point)

Wagyu incense is Wagyu beef when heated.

Zen Noh beef’s Wagyu incense is sweet and feels elegant – It is one of the brightest features.

As a result of a comparative study of Japanese beef wagyu and imported beef, Wagyu is different from imported beef, Wagyu has a rich in sweet, and rich, unique scent. It turned out to be the leading cause of deliciousness.


Fragrance component

The delicious scent created as a collection of various healthy components is called “Wagyu incense.”

You can feel it most strongly when you put Japanese beef in a thin saline solution and heat it at 80 ° C for 2 minutes.


Product Description :

  • 100% authentic A5 Graded Wagyu beef from Japan.
  •  Japanese Black cattle (Kuroge).
  •  Temperature controlled standard overnight shipping.
  •  This item ships frozen and carefully handled.


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