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October 2021(vol. 168)
Light and Crispy Kakiage Tempura (Japanese Vegetable Fritters Recipe)

Light and Crispy Kakiage Tempura (Japanese Vegetable Fritters Recipe) Kakiage is Japanese vegetable fritters, sometimes with seafood.  Vegetable strips are the main ingredients.  Leftover vegetables are okay!  Vegan/Vegetarian people can use Kombu Dashi broth for the dipping sauce 👍 Using round aluminum foil molds, you can deep fry the vegetable […]

September 2021(vol. 167)
Kimutaku Gohan (Kimchi Takuan Rice)

Kimutaku Gohan (Kimchi Takuan Rice) Very tasty crunchy yet delicious rice dish. Originated in Nagano prefecture in Japan. It is a very popular school lunch menu in Japan 😋 Perfect rice dish to make Omurice (Omelette Rice) as well ❤️ Difficulty:Very Easy Time: 10min Number of servings: 4 servings Ingredients […]

August 2021(vol. 166)
Agedashi Tofu

Agedashi Tofu (Deep Fried Tofu with Dashi Based Sauce) “Age” means “deep fried” and “Dashi” means “broth”. Thus: deep fried Tofu steeped in Dashi-based sauce. I think most Japanese restaurants overseas have it on their menu, and it is the most ordered dish than in Japan! Difficulty: Easy Time: 15min […]

JULY 2021(vol. 165)
SPAM Teriyaki Rice Bowl

SPAM Teriyaki Rice Bowl Addictive Luncheon Meat Recipe.  SPAM Teriyaki flavor makes vegetables and white rice tasty.  I used Shimeji mushrooms but try it with any vegetables of your choice! Difficulty: Very Easy Time: 10min Number of servings: 4 Ingredients 200g (7oz.) Pork Loin Slices 1 (340g/12oz) Canned SPAM200g (7oz) […]

JUNE 2021(vol. 164)
The BEST Shogayaki (Ginger Pork)

Matcha Green Tea Latte Difficulty: Easy Time: 20min Number of servings: 2 Ingredients 200g (7oz.) Pork Loin Slices A * 1/2 tbsp. Soy Sauce * 1/2 tbsp. Sake * 1/2 tbsp. Mirin (Sweet Sake) * 1/4 tsp. Ginger Juice 1/2 tbsp. Grated Ginger B * 1/2 tbsp. Soy Sauce * […]

MAY 2021(vol. 163)
Matcha Green Tea Latte

Matcha Green Tea Latte Difficulty: Very Very EasyTime: 1 minNumber of servings: 1 Ingredients 1 tbsp. Matcha green tea syrup   * 1 tbsp. Matcha green tea powder  * 50g (1.7oz.) sugar  * 60ml hot water 150ml milk or soy milkMatcha green tea powder if you like Directions: [ Step 1: […]

APR 2021(vol. 162)

Onigirazu Onigirazu (Rice Sandwiches) is a new type of Onigiri (rice ball) becoming very popular in Japan in 2015.  Unlike Onigiri (rice ball), Onigirazu can be prepared quickly without making into a triangular or a ball shape but just by wrapping rice and the fillings in Nori seaweed sheet. I […]

MAR 2021(vol. 161)

Miso-Maru (Miso Soup Balls) Miso-Maru is made with Miso (fermented soybean paste) and dried ingredients.  You can pre-make batches of Kawaii Miso balls.  Whenever you want to enjoy a bowl of Miso soup, all you have to do is to pour some hot water over it! Difficulty: Super Easy Time: […]

FEB 2021(vol. 160)
Hijiki Seaweed Salad

Hijiki Seaweed Salad I remember Hijiki salad is a very popular appetizer dish at a Japanese restaurants in New York. The same in other places?! It goes perfect with rice, perfect for Bento side dish!!!In this tutorial, I will show you a super easy way to make it in a […]

January 2021(VOL. 159)
Ochikeron Recipe
Tuna and Avocado

Tasty Mayo Marinated Tuna and Avocado Tasty Mayo Marinated Tuna and Avocado recipe using “sushi-su” (sushi vinegar or Japanese seasoned rice vinegar).  It is a rice vinegar mixed with sugar and salt. Difficulty: Very Easy Time: 5 min or less Number of servings: 2-3 Ingredients: 1 Avocado 110g (3.8oz) sashimi-grade […]

DECEMBER 2020 (VOL. 158)
Ochikeron Recipe

Yakisoba Yakisoba  is a classic Japanese fried noodles.I kept the recipe very simple using a minimum ingredients. Of course you can use meat (or seafood) and veggies of your choice!!! I hope you get an idea how to make it 💕 Difficulty: Very EasyTime: 15 minutesNumber of servings: 2 Ingredients: […]

NOVEMBER 2020 (VOL. 157)
Ochikeron Recipe
Hayashi Rice

Hayashi Rice Hayashi Rice (also called Hashed Beef) is a very popular Western-style rice dish in Japan. You can use the mix (roux) to save time, but in this video I will show you how to make it from scratch 🙂 Difficulty: MediumTime: 1 hourNumber of servings: 4 Ingredients: 400g […]

OCTOBER 2020 (VOL. 156)
Ochikeron Recipe
Zombie Omurice

Zombie Omurice Omurice is a very popular home cooked meal in Japan. It is a tomato ketchup fried rice wrapped with a thin sheet of crepe-like fried egg. HOWEVER, many people dislike using a lot of ketchup, so I used Pomodoro sauce instead. YES! it works. Difficulty: Easy Time: 20 […]

SEPTEMBER 2020 (VOL. 155)
Ochikeron Recipe
Inarizushi (Inari Sushi)

Inarizushi (Inari Sushi) In this video, I will show you how to make very basic Inarizushi with plain Sushi rice. Easy yet delicious, perfect for party, picnic, or any kind of event! Inarizushi (Inari Sushi) is Sushi rice stuffed in tasty Aburaage (Fried Tofu pouches). In Japan, Inarizushi can be […]

AUGUST 2020 (VOL. 154)
Ochikeron Recipe
Soft White Dinner Rolls

QUICK Soft White Dinner Rolls in a frying pan You can make it in a total of an hour ! Easy Fun recipe to try with kids 😉 Difficulty: Easy Time: 60min Number of servings: 2 servings 16cm (6inch) Frying Pan Ingredients: ・1 cup (125g) all purpose flour ・100ml milk […]

JULY 2020 (VOL. 153)
Ochikeron Recipe
Cucumber Soba Noodles with Shabu-Shabu Pork

Cucumber Soba Noodles with Shabu-Shabu Pork Very refreshing, crunchy and delicious cold Soba noodle recipe idea ! Shabu Shabu pork is very healthy and filling! You can of course make it hot or spicy by adding your favorite condiments! Difficulty: Easy Time: 30min Number of servings: 3 servings Ingredients: 3 […]

MAY 2020 (VOL. 152)
Ochikeron Recipe
Ohagi or Botamochi

Ohagi / Botamochi (Japanese Sweet Sticky Rice Balls) Ohagi or Botamochi is a traditional Japanese sweet made with sweet sticky rice and sweet Azuki (red bean paste). There are different stories about the origin of having two names: you can google and find them, but either name is correct to […]

MARCH 2020 (VOL. 151)
Ochikeron Recipe
Kamaboko (Fish Cake) Decoration Ideas (Kazarigiri)

Kamaboko (Fish Cake) Decoration Ideas (Kazarigiri) This is not playing with food. Kamaboko Decoration is a traditional art of Japanese food Omotenashi (hospitality) spirit 😉 5 Cute Kamaboko Decoration Ideas 薔薇 (Bara/Rose) Slice white Kamaboko about 1cm thick. Make a cut on the top. Make 3 ultra thin slices of […]

FEBRUARY 2020 (VOL. 150)
Ochikeron Recipe
Imo Mochi (Potato Rice Cakes)

Imo Mochi (Potato Rice Cakes) Imo Mochi (Potato Rice Cakes) are one of the very popular Traditional Hokkaido snacks. The texture is chewy like Mochi, coated with addictive sweet soy glaze! I wrapped with Nori seaweed sheet, just like Isobeyaki ! Mouthwatering! Must try! Only 7 Ingredients !Most ingredients are […]

JANUARY 2020 (VOL. 149)
Ochikeron Recipe
Quick and Easy Yakiniku

Quick and Easy Yakiniku Difficulty: Super Easy Time: 5min Number of servings: 2 Ingredients: ・350g (12.5oz) thinly sliced beef *chicken, pork or any kind of meat is OK ((Yakiniku Sauce)) * 2 tbsp. Sake * 2 tbsp. soy sauce * 2 tbsp. honey * 1 tbsp. oyster sauce * 1 […]

DECEMBER 2019 (VOL. 148)
Ochikeron Recipe
Ramen Pizza (Crispy Crust)

Ramen Pizza (Crispy Crust) You can use your favorite Instant ramen noodles and toppings to make your own pizza 👍 Difficulty: VERY Easy Time: 10 min Number of servings: 1 small pizza Ingredients: ・instant Ramen noodles ・shrimp ・broccoli ・grape tomatoes ・80g (10 tbsp.) pizza cheese for crust ・pizza cheese or […]

NOVEMBER 2019 (VOL. 147)
Ochikeron Recipe
Daigakuimo: Candied Sweet Potatoes

Daigakuimo: Candied Sweet Potatoes Crispy outside, soft inside! Traditional Japanese Vegan Snack. Difficulty: VERY Easy Time: 15 min Number of servings: n/a Ingredients: ・400g (about 1lb) Japanese sweet potato ・4 tbsp. sugar *regular white sugar, brown sugar, honey, maple syrup, etc… are ok ・1/2 tsp. soy sauce 1/2 tsp. vinegar […]

OCTOBER 2019 (VOL. 146)
Ochikeron Recipe
3-Ingredient Japanese Crème Caramel

3-Ingredient Crème Caramel Difficulty: Very Easy Time: 30 mins + cooling time Number of servings: 4 100ml Microwavable Glass Cups Ingredients: ・2 eggs ・250ml milk ・3 tbsp. sugar Directions: Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Strain through a strainer into the cups. Cover with aluminum foil. Add water in the […]

SEPTEMBER 2019 (VOL. 145)
Ochikeron Recipe
Spaghetti Napolitan

Spaghetti Napolitan Popular Japanese Pasta Dish! Please use Kagome Tomato Ketchup for the best result! Difficulty: Easy Time: 20min Number of servings: 2 adults Ingredients: 200g (7oz.) Spaghetti 100g (3.5oz.) Onion 50g (1.8oz.) Carrot 50g (1.8oz.) Green Pepper 2 slices of Ham 1/2 Consommé Cube or Powder 2 or more […]

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