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work in Japanese American companies

aiTWorks System (HR database) is an original system that helps bilingual skilled professionals connect with a variety of businesses including  restaurants, salons, medical intuitions, legal offices and more. With our system, you can create an attractive profile and be recognizable for many wonderful job opportunities instantly. 

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Find a job in Japanese American companies
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Job request will be added to our network as soon as a company create an application. The company access to the list of our skilled professionals and look for the best candidates.

We will be glad to guide you over the phone should you require assistance.

work in Japanese American companies
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Once a company find a professional who matches their job description the most, we support communications and help with related paperwork between the company and our professionals.

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find a job in Japanese American companies

More than 100 workers are registered already. You can quickly find knowledgeable professionals, managers, part-timers, and more!

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Please read the following statement before registering.

▶Referral Fee


For each candidate referred by aITworks that Client ultimately hires (“Employee”), the Client shall pay aITworks ten percent (10%) of the Employee’s annual salary for the first year of employment.

▷Part-time (Flat rate)

Office clerk $800/Restaurant (kitchen, server) $500

▶Timing of Payment for Referral Fee

Client shall pay Aitworks fifty percent (50%) of the Referral Fee within seven (7) days from the Employee’s hire date. Client shall pay the remaining fifty percent (50%) of the Referral Fee within one month from the Employee’s hire date.

▶Refund of Referral Fee

Client shall not be entitled to a refund of the Referral Fee unless the Employee is terminated within three months from the Employee’s date of hire, in which case Aitworks shall refund thirty percent (30%) of the Referral Fee. The remaining seventy percent (70%) shall not be refundable under any circumstances.

▶Important Notes

No Direct Contact. Candidate shall not directly contact hiring entities referred by Aitworks without its consent.

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