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September 2021 (vol. 167)
The Lure of Niigata Prefecture and the Shonai Area Great places for eating, drinking, and sightseeing

att.JAPAN × JapanUp! September 2021 (VOL. 167) The Lure of Niigata Prefecture and the Shonai Area Great places for eating, drinking, and sightseeing Great cuisine and great sake are the draws of Niigata Prefecture and the Shonai area of Yamagata Prefecture. Why not explore the rich food culture and the […]

August 2021 (vol. 166)
Let’s Go! Cycling around Lake Biwa

att.JAPAN × JapanUp! July 2021 (VOL. 166) Let’s Go! Cycling around Lake Biwa Located in Shiga Prefecture, Lake Biwa is the biggest lake in Japan.  A cycling route around the lake, called “BIWAICHI,” has been selected as one of the National Cycle Routes.  It is a long cycling course of […]

JUNE 2021 (vol. 165)
Have Fun Throughout HIROSHIMA

att.JAPAN × JapanUp! July 2021 (VOL. 165) Have Fun Throughout HIROSHIMA Located on the western side of the mainland, Hiroshima Prefecture shares borders with Okayama, Tottori, Shimane, and Yamaguchi prefectures, with the south side facing the Seto Inland Sea.  Famous for Itsukushima-jinja Shrine and the Atomic Bomb Dome, Hiroshima also […]

JUNE 2021 (vol. 164)
Travelling by Local Railway in Tohoku

att.JAPAN × JapanUp! May 2021 (VOL. 164) Travelling by Local Railway in Tohoku In Japan, railway lines with a small passenger capacity are called “local railways.” There are many popular railways serving as sightseeing trains running through scenic areas all over Japan. Here are some of the recommended local railways […]

MAY 2021 (vol. 163)
RESORT PLACES with Magnificent Views in Japan

att.JAPAN × JapanUp! May 2021 (VOL. 163) RESORT PLACESwith Magnificent Views in Japan There are many attractive resort places in Japan. Whether you want to refresh yourself in the great outdoors, or relax on the beach or in an onsen, away from your daily life, a wealth of excitement awaits […]

APR 2021 (vol. 162)

att.JAPAN × JapanUp! APRIL 2021 (VOL. 162) ANIME NOW 2021 Thus Spoke Kishibe “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” is a very popular comic series supported by rabid fans all over the world, with more than 100 comic book volumes and over 100 million copies sold. As one of the popular characters in […]

MAR 2021 (vol. 161)
Recommended Sakura-viewing Spots

att.JAPAN × JapanUp! MARCH 2021 (VOL. 161) Recommended Sakura-viewing Spots 1.Fukushima 福島 Weeping cherry trees of the Nitchu Line Blossoms on about 1,000 weeping cherry trees along a walking path for about 3 km bloom brilliantly, creating a beautiful view of a faint pink shower. This area used to be […]

FEB 2021 (vol. 160)
Warm Up to a Japanese Kotatsu

att.JAPAN × JapanUp! FEBRUARY 2021 (VOL. 160) Warm Up to a Japanese Kotasu! What’s a Kotatsu? A kotatsu is a low blanketed table with a heater fixed to the underside. Sit on the floor with your legs tucked in and you’ll feel so snug, you won’t want to move. Kotatsu […]

JANUARY 2021 (VOL. 159)
Enjoy Snow in Japan!

att.JAPAN × JapanUp! JANUARY 2021 (VOL. 159) Enjoy Snow in Japan! Japan has all kinds of snow activities to offer with great scenery and fun events all over Japan from the north to south during winter. Here are some of them. Hokkaido Niseko Hanazono ResortニセコHANAZONOリゾート A snow resort area that […]

DECEMBER 2020 (VOL. 158)
Sweets to Try in Japan

att.JAPAN × JapanUp! DECEMBER 2020 (VOL. 158) Looks great!  Tastes great! Sweets to Try in Japan Hokkaido Parfait, coffee, sake, Sato Savoring a parfait as a refreshment after drinking has become a cultural trend in the past few years across Japan. Originated in Sapporo City, Hokkaido – known as a […]