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About JapanUp!

Founded in 2003. Our company runs 4 business operations — a publishing business (3 magazines), an event business, a production business, and consulting for companies starting new businesses in America. As a team, we staff will do our best to make LALALA the transmitter of valuable information that will assist and enrich Japanese lifestyles in the United States.



2161 W. 182nd St. #203, Torrance, CA 90504


Phone: (310) 329-3130


E-Mail: info@japanup.jp


Publisher: Tatsuo Mori

JapanUp! Magazine

Established in 2007. Informational magazine distributed in Los Angeles and Chicago with over 50,000 copies published every month. Information and advertisements on Japanese cuisine, culture, tourism, and more in English for anyone interested in Japan.



Established in 2003. Weekly Japanese newspaper with over 50,000 copies published every week. Distributed throughout California, Las Vegas, and Texas. Information from both Japan  and the US, especially LA, delivered in Japanese.


Viva Japón Magazine

Established in 2018. An informational magazine and handy manual in Spanish to share the magnificence of Japanese culinary culture and teach important techniques/recipes. Published and distributed for 8000 restaurant owners in Latin America such as Mexico, Panama, Colombia, and Peru.


Event Business

From concerts to talk shows, a variety of events are held to deliver entertainment for Japanese people living in America. But it is not only Japanese events that we host. Ramen Yokocho which attracted 30,000 people over one weekend had such a popular demand
that we expanded the event across 10 locations such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas.

We also assist with event production and management for opening ceremonies, seminars, or any event you envision! For more information, please contact info@lalalausa.com.

Production Business

From made-to-order restaurant menus and flyers to package designs/POP for new products on the market, we can design and produce in multiple languages. Whether it’s your new website or novelty goods you want to produce, our design team is here for you to assist your needs! For more information, please contact info@lalalausa.com.